Chiltern Cross-Country League 2016-2017

Last weekend saw the conclusion of the cross-country league. We had a fantastic first year in the competition and exceeded expectations by finishing a brilliant 6th overall out of 23 teams!

Everyone who has taken part this season deserves a mention, especially Dan Wright and Emily Bowen who ran in all 5 events.

The other heroes were:

* 4 appearances; Debbie Morris, Barry Sampson, Simon Hull, Shaun Twelftree, Neil Pasmore & Stephen Thorne.

* 3 appearances; Laura Penny, Emma Daly, Fern Parker, Lindsay Harper, Sarah Gray, James Olliffe, Chris Herbert & John Greener

* 2 appearances; Stuart Railson & Jonathan Fox

* 1 appearance; Sue Baker, Jane Keig, Steve Thompson, Kevin Brown & Justin Wetters

Can’t wait for next season to start already – Go BSRC!