Training Survey – results and responses – July 2014

Many thanks to all those of you who returned the survey requesting feedback and suggestions on our training programme. If you haven’t replied then feel free to do so when you get the time, so we can take your views into account when drawing up future schedules.

Here are the main comments and our responses to them …

Everyone said they liked the variety of sessions – a lot of time and effort goes into planning the  monthly programme, so glad you like it!

Some love the cross-country runs, some are not so keen, especially where the grass is long, it has also been suggested we state the route in advance, so members can decide beforehand whether they want to run it – we have now stated on the programme which route we plan to take each night, but if the course is likely to be wet or muddy then an alternative, possibly road, route will be taken.

The club handicap race was a huge hit – we plan to do more and will even try to find a route in Buckingham allowing us to hold one or two over the winter.

Again, the use of the Royal Latin track for an intervals session was popular – we have booked the track for July 21st and are planning a joint training session, led by Bob Watt from Buckingham University Running Club, in mid-August, using the all-weather pitch by the leisure centre.

Sunday runs – not everyone can make these runs, but the routes are appreciated by those who can – some would come if they were a bit shorter. It has also been suggested we have a run in MK – so we have organised one for July13th, from Caldecotte Lake, suiting all abilities and of varying distances. Will try to include more choice of route in future, but this depends on numbers turning up, perhaps it would be best to contact a fellow runner beforehand to ensure you have someone to run with.

Other suggestions:

–          more regular Bleep Tests so you can gauge progress – will try to add one every couple of months

–          hill work or interval sessions once a week – will add more if they prove popular

–          could we have a session about stretching and warming up/down? – Bob Watt will include this in his session in August (see above); otherwise, we’ll arrange one in September.

–          1 mile time trial – in the pipeline, maybe in September at Stowe

–          Faster runner doing paced runs for those aspiring to do a certain time for a particular distance – good idea, will be considered for next programme