Buckingham parkrun trial results

Last Thursday was the trial run of the Buckingham park run. A great turnout, boosted by members of Winslow Warriers and Leighton Buzzard Athletics Club.

It was a successful trial and we have been given the go ahead to officially commence on Sat May 17th 9am.

Hope to see you all there.

Results of the Buckingham & Stowe runners who had barcodes are below; big shout out to those who got a PB:

Kevin Brown 19.53

Mark Rookley 23.17

Lucy Price 24.23

Jonathan Fox 26.25

Jane Smith 26.38

Sara Brooks 26.47 PB

Katie Rainscourt 28.16

Terry Penny 29.25

Linda Knox 29.58 PB

Jane Keig 33.46