Blisworth 5 mile results

Club members at the Blisworth 5 mile

Club members at the Blisworth 5 mile

Thirteen club members turned out for the  6th championship race of the year, the Blisworth 5 mile. It was a beautiful sunny evening, warm with a slight breeze and though the course was hilly, there were many impressive performances with everyone achieving a Bronze Standard or above. Congratulations to Emily and Kevin for being first club female and male. And a special mention to Jane Smith who is the first club member to reach GOLD STANDARD, having run 5 different distances with a WAVA score of 60% or above PLUS a marathon – excellent stuff Jane!

Spare a thought for Steve Thomson who battled through pain to complete the course in a very respectable (gold standard) time. He tells me he is finally going to stop running for a few weeks to recover from his injury (we’ve heard that one before). So if he does turn up on a club night in the near future ready to run, send him home or he’ll never get better!

Kevin Brown                      33m07s                 67.63%

Emily Bowen                      33m10s                 73.35%

Ian McPartlan                    34m32s                 68.4%

Steve Thomson                 35m00s                 67.48%

James Newman                 35m21s                 60.47%

Jonathan Fox                     36m21s                 64.98%

James Stubbings              37m30s                 65.54%

Chris Usher                        37m30s                 72.6%    New PB

Jane Smith                          42m42s                 69.4%    Now reached GOLD standard! 5 distances + marathon

Sarah Gray                          43m56s                 56.97%

Katrina Vicentijevic         43m56s                 55.14%

Linda Knox                          49m20s                 58.51%

Jane Keig                             51m01s                 53.13%