Torchlight run at Stowe

On Thursday, 29th January, twelve hardy, intrepid, possibly daft, club members gathered at Chackmore for a torchlight run round Stowe Park. Alex led the way up towards the Corinthian Arch and down towards the National Trust entrance, before heading out across the snow-covered fields. It was pretty wet in places and not being able to see all the puddles and marshy bits didn’t help but we soon got used to wet feet.

The scenery was stunning, with the moon glistening through the mist reflecting off the snow, and the few car drivers coming into the school must have been surprised to see a pack of Buckingham and Stowe runners coming towards them, head torches flashing in the darkness.

We’ll definitely do it again next year, and we’ll do it in the Summer – so we can see where we actually ran!

Torchlight photo 2 Torchlight photo 3