Club championship rules

The objectives of the Club championship are …

  • to encourage friendly competition amongst members
  • to raise the club profile by encouraging members to participate in local events

1. Qualifying races are selected by members attending the AGM, with the committee amending/adding to these choices to ensure an even spread of events throughout the calendar year and to ensure an adequate number of races of varying distances are included. The committee’s decision as to which events to include is final.

2. Club members can participate in as many of these races as they like, but only their best 5 results count towards the championship.

3. There are separate competitions for men and women.

4. Points are awarded according to the relative finishing positions of club members:

  • 12 points will be awarded to the first male and female club runner
  • 10 points for the second
  • 8 points for the third
  • 7 for fourth, down to 2 points for ninth
  • Every other finisher will receive 1 point

5. Participants must be entered under the club name to qualify for points. If this is not possible, because, for example, you are not affiliated to UK Athletics and the race web site does not enable you to put the club’s name down, then it is YOUR responsibility to notify the committee member in charge of championship tables of your result. (Simply because trawling through the results of every race for the names of club members is not an easy task).

6. Results will be taken from the official race results, with ‘chip times’ being used wherever possible.

7. If there is a tie for 1st, 2nd or 3rd places, then the person completing most races takes precedence.
Subsequently, if there is still a tie, then the person with most 1st places takes precedence.
And even after taking these points into consideration, if there is still a tie, then there will be joint first, second or third places, whichever is applicable (as is the norm, if there are joint winners there will be no second place, and if there are joint second places, there will be no third place).

8. There will be subsidiary tables based on age-related performance (WAVA scores). A championship table based on these scores will be published and winners acknowledged along the same lines as the standard championship – so always do your best!