Calculating your WAVA scores

Those of you interested in achieving one of the Club Standards, might like to know in what time you need to finish a particular race distance in order to achieve a specific WAVA score. One web site that has a useful calculator for doing this is

A number of club members use this web site to record their training programmes, set goals for the year, find races anywhere in the country and much more.

To calculate a WAVA score, click on Train – Calculators – WAVA ratings. Enter the details (predicted time, race distance, age etc) and a WAVA score will be produced. You can use this to either calculate a WAVA score after completing a race, or work out the time needed to achieve a particular score.

For more details, speak to Alex, Laura or Chris, who all regularly use this site. Alex, in particular, is forever writing blogs on it! Users can also see what their “buddies” are doing and how far they’ve been running lately. A really useful site!