Benefits of joining

We are often asked by potential new members what the benefits are of joining our club.

These are many and varied, and really depend on what you yourself want from us. We pride ourselves on responding to the individual needs of our members and do all we can to support them and help them achieve their goals.

Many people new to running find it difficult to maintain their enthusiasm for the sport as they desperately try to find the time to go for a run, and find it difficult to get motivated, especially on dark, cold and wet nights.

There’s nothing better than running with other like-minded people of similar abilities. You’ll be introduced to, and run with, members of similar pace so you’ll not get left behind.

We have a structured programme, so you know what to expect when you turn up (take a look under “Training”)– whether it be a normal group run round the streets of Buckingham or something more demanding like a tempo run or hill work.

During the lighter evenings, we also go on many trail runs that will take you through the beautiful Buckingham countryside – ones that you probably wouldn’t know of yourself, and ones you probably wouldn’t want to run alone in case you got lost!

On the other hand, when it’s dark, our torch light runs are great fun – running through the parks and woods of Buckingham and even Stowe Park (especial fun in the snow!).

We also have regular and varied fitness sessions – bleep tests, intervals, hill work etc – and have access to Stowe School’s running track in the summer. We can also advise you on training programmes if you want to run a half or full marathon. With so many experienced runners at the club, information and advice is always at hand.

Many club runners participate in race events and it’s great to travel to them together. Many of our newer members gain much inspiration from other experienced runners and often find themselves running in events and for distances they never would have dreamed possible!

You can also buy quality club kit at discounted prices – cheaper than you’d find in the shops or online and with the club’s logo printed on it.

Then, of course, there’s the socials … curry nights, pub meetings, Christmas parties and so on.

ALL THIS FOR SUCH A SMALL SUM OF MONEY – what’s not to like?